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-xTo ascend, you must die.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Oh yeah. [2-15-06]
Since some dickwad seems to believe the compliments I get for being pretty are only because of my face, which...when I am taking a picture of just my face, of course that is what they would be based on, silly one..isn't he? Anyhow, here is a picture acknowledging that I am a fattie and a proud one at that. Eat my cunt, darling. =)
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[ mood | contemplative ]

Ok, so..this is the first time i've actually taken the time out to update about this, it's something i've tried for the longest time not to think about..but...I finally need to say something little, just to feel better.

I was thinking about Mississippi, and the beach..and how me and Art used to eat on the beach, Taco Bell...of course, and how one time we went to the beach and got food from the gas station and then went to sit on the beach and eat it, and the seagulls kept stealing it, they had the munchies that day because they kept going crazy. Me and Art ran around in the nasty shit water, pulling our pants up as high as they could possibly go, seeing how far we could go out..and felt those prickly nasty pieces of plant and stick, and we freaked out and would run back up, then keep going back out...It was fun.

I never in my life thought to miss those little things, I even miss the nasty shit water.
I don't want to complain, because I have a house....I don't want to seem like every other person complaining to receive something.
But it genuinlly makes me sad. It really does. I've gone outside and just cried. Art was telling me how much she misses her home, but....I miss mine too. I feel like I don't even trully have one anymore. Sure, I have a house...but it's the surroundings that have always made MS the title of "home"......Meh, it's just sad.

I go towards the beach, and don't know where the hell I am at.....I never thought that could even happen.
I passed Funtime the other day, and....I swear, it hurt..that's where I went every weekend when I was little....I don't know.

I know this may be annoying, and quuuiiittee a bit late, but...I had to get it out.
Thanks for listening.

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[ mood | aggravated ]

So over this..

blah blah blah blah blah.
I want to scream so fucking bad, lol.
Jesus Christ.

Art, where are you, dahling?
I need you.
I don't work till Friday, woman.

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He'll feel bad when i'm gone.
Unfortunately, he makes me want to be gone.
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[ mood | confused ]

God, I love you so fucking much, but you just can't be what I need and want you to be.
You can't respect me, you can't treat me like a human.
You can't make me feel special, you can't even make me feel real.
I need you so god damn much, but I just can't take this..I don't need this..
I live FOR you, but you are killing me.

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I'll never forget, forgive, or remember. [1-29-06]
[ mood | scared ]

What if I wanted to break
Laugh it all off in your face
What would you do?
What if I fell to the floor
Couldn't take all this anymore

What would you do, do, do?

Break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you

What if I wanted to fight
Beg for the rest of my life
What would you do?
You say you wanted more
What are you waiting for
I'm not running from you

Break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you
Look in my eyes
You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you

I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside
Falling from myself
Falling for a chance
I know now, this is who I really am

Break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you, you, you
Look in my eyes
You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you
Come, break me down
Break me down
Break me down

What if I wanted to break...?
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Score, I see someone grew some balls.
Good to know you went through all of that just because I pissed you off.
It's even more amusing when I don't even know you...*laughs some more*

Anyhow, summary....
Hopefully I get a job at Petsmart.
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Ok, so..basically right now...the only thing I can do on Livejournal, is update..that's all.
I can't see my LJ or my friends LJ's, I sent a complaint..or whatever it is...they are working on it.

But, on another note...
Word, I hope you aren't a fan of Depeche Mode because those were not own lyrics...
Maybe you should just stick to being a suck ass boyfriend to Chelsea, err...or whatever you are, oh wait..she broke up with you..didn't she?
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Modified [1-23-06]
[ mood | crushed ]

Just give me a reason, some kind of sign
We'll need a miracle to help us this time
I heard what you said, and I feel the same
I know in my heart that things will have to change

Even the stars look brighter tonight
Nothing's impossible
I still believe in love at first sight
Nothing's impossible

How did we get to be this far apart?
How did we get to be this far apart?
I want to be with you, something to share
I want to be near you, sometimes I care

Even the stars look brighter tonight
Nothing's impossible
I still believe in love at first sight
Nothing's impossible
Even the stars look brighter tonight
Nothing's impossible
If you believe in love at first sight
Nothing's impossible

I still believe in love at first sight
Nothing's impossible

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[ mood | depressed ]

He'll never change, why can't I just get that through my head...

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Has anyone tried Djarum Black Cappuccino Clove Cigarettes???

I would die to try them.
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Went to see the lovely last night....it was kind of a feeling like I was out of myself..
I was surely disappointed to see that he doesn't even have a headstone.....
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Image hosting by Photobucket
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Yes, this takes up friend page space, GET OVER IT! [1-19-06]
We need 900 names down to shut this site down!!!!
IF YOU DON'T SIGN THIS THEN YOU ARE SICK! This is so terrible. A site that we were able to shut last year has returned. We have to try to shut it down again! (www.bonsaikitten.com) A Japanese man in New York breeds and sells kittens that are called BONSAI CATS. That would sound cute, if it weren't kittens that were put in to little bottles after being given a muscle relaxant and then locked up for The rest of their lives! The cats are fed through a straw and have a small tube for their Faces.The skeleton of the cat will take on the form of the bottle as the kitten grows. The cats never get the opportunity to move. They are used as original and exclusive souvenirs. These are the latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If you think you can handle it, view www.bonsaikitten.com and have a look at th methods being used to put these little kittens into bottles.

This petition needs 900 names, so please put yours on it! Copy the text into a new email and put your name on the bottom,then send it to everyone you know!

1) Vicky Prat, Canada
2) Alan Julian, Kitchen, Canada
3) Tim Meths, Kitchen, Canada
4) Erin Lindsay, Kitchen, Canada
5) Jody Fisher, Quickener, Canada
6) Jessica Wallets, Kitchen, ON
7) Kathryn Soutane, Peterborough, ON
8) Julia Fife, Peterbrough, ON
9) Melody Thomas, Peterborough, ON, Canada
10) ~*Chrissy*~ Ontario Canada
11) Cheryl- Ontario Canada
12) Katie-Quebec Canada
13) Kinder Kearns-Quebec Canada
14) Jodi Tubman~Shawville Quebec Canada
15) Emily~Ontario Canada
16) Lauren Hall-Ontario Canada
17) Kristen Logan- Ontario Canada
18) Adrian Hinson - Ontario Canada
19) Alight McLeod- Ontario, Canada
20) Andrew Stewart - Ontario Canada
21) Caitlin Langdon - Ontario, Canada
22) Katie Dungeon- Ontario, Canada
23) Katie Dews- Ontario, Canada
24) Nicole R- Ontario, Canada
25) SHARON KENNEDY - Ontario, Canada
26) Katherine Graham- Ontario, Canada
27) Samantha Fox-Ontario, Canned
28) Wendy Fox-Ontario, Canada
29) Steven Fox- Ontario, Canada
30) Mallory Fox-Ontario, Canada
31) Jessica Fox-Ontario, Canada
32) Anne McLennan, Ontario Canada
33) magma trios, Ontario, Canada
34) Isabelle Kolodziej, Ontario, Canada
35) Tang Boracic, Canada
36) Stephanie Dorture, ON Canada
37) JA mess Truster, ON, Canada
38) Sandra Crooning, OT, Canada
39) Sack Bleacher, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
40) Taylor Vaughn, East Lansing, MI USA
41) Alex Rutkowski, Ann Arbor, MI USA
42) Sara Jozefiak, Ann Arbor, MI USA
43) Laura, Michigan "USA
44) Bryan, Michigan, USA
45) Nicole Ray, Michigan, USA
46) Nicole, Michigan, USA
47) Sonja, Michigan, USA
48) Lindsey, Michigan, USA
49) Marilee, Michigan, USA
50)Rajsh, Michigan, USA
60) Bowie, New York, USA
61) Odessa, Michigan, USA
62) Errand, Michigan, USA
63) Sara, Michigan, USA
64) De, Michigan, USA
65) Nick, Michigan, USA
66) Sam, Michigan, USA
67) Alive, Michigan, USA
68) Ink, Michigan, USA
69) Joe, Michigan, USA
70) Bryan, Michigan, AU
71) De, Michigan, USA
72) Vjorela, Michigan, USA
73) Rei, Michigan, USA
74) Tony, Michigan, USA
75) Erotic, Michigan, USA
76) Rachel, Michigan, USA
77) Ashley, Michigan, USA
78) A lessa, Michigan, USA
79) Danny, Michigan, USA
80) Robby, Michigan, USA
81) Regna, Michigan, USA
82) Evan, Michigan, USA
83) Tony, Michigan, USA
84) Miranda, Michigan, USA
85) Lays, Michigan, USA
86) Miles, Michigan, USA
87) Scott, Michigan, USA
89) Jason, Michigan, USA
90) Hunter, Michigan, USA
91) Mason, Michigan, USA
92) Jake, Michigan, USA
93) Bobby, Michigan, USA
94) Josh, Michigan, USA
95) Sarah, Michigan, USA
96) John, Michigan, USA
97) Fijian, Michigan, USA
98) Chelsea, Michigan, USA
99) Justine, Michigan, USA
100) Letter, Michigan, USA
101) Lauren, Michigan, USA
102) Jennie, Michigan, USA
103) Jennie, Michigan, USA
104) Jimmy, Michigan, USA
105) Jessica, Michigan, USA
106) Stephanie, Michigan, USA
107) Crest, Michigan, USA
108) D. J, Michigan, USA
109) T. J, Michigan, USA
110) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
111) Lauren, Michigan, USA
112) Alfa se, Michigan, USA
113) Misrule, Michigan, USA
114) Donec, Michigan, USA
115) Dangle, Michigan, USA
116) Elton, Michigan, USA
117) Maude, Michigan, USA
118) Wendy, Michigan, USA
119) Brian, Michigan, USA
120) Jeff, Michigan, USA
121) Danny, Michigan, USA
122) Holly, Michigan, USA
123) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
124) Rand, Michigan, USA
125) Steven, Michigan, USA
126) Chris, Michigan, USA
127) Joey, Michigan, USA
128) Taylor, Michigan, USA
129) Joe, Michigan, USA
130) Ray, Michigan, USA
131) Jared, Michigan, USA
132) Tin, Michigan, USA
133) Shane, Michigan, USA
134) Samantha, Michigan, USA
135) Nick, Michigan, USA
136) Kathleen, Michigan, USA
137) David, Michigan, USA
138) Brittany, Michigan, USA
139) Sahara, Michigan, USA
140) Ashley, Michigan, USA
141) Liz, Michigan, USA
142) Eva, Michigan, USA
143) Phoebe, Michigan, USA
144) Paige, Michigan, USA
145) Lydia, Michigan, USA
146) Lisa, Michigan, USA
147) Mirjeta, Michigan, USA
148) Go, Michigan, USA
149) Dana, Michigan, USA
150) Loren, Michigan, USA
151) Mara, Michigan, USA
152) Heather, Michigan, USA
153) Annett, Michigan, USA
154) LOMA, Michigan, USA
155) Bernadette, Michigan, USA
156) Marilee, Michigan, USA
157) Daniel, Michigan, USA
158) Mary, Michigan, USA
159) Tom, Michigan, USA
160) Mario, Michigan, USA
161) Bobby, Michigan, USA
162) Margo, Michigan, USA
163) Margin, Michigan, USA
164) Ramie, Michigan, USA
165) Fires, Michigan, USA
166) Sam, Michigan, USA
167) Sarah, Michigan, USA
168) Rowena, Michigan, USA
169) Lauren, Michigan, USA
170) Elaine, Michigan, USA
171) Rose, Michigan, USA
172) Singes, Michigan, USA
173) Irene, Michigan, USA
174) Becky, Michigan, USA
175) Paige, Michigan, USA
176) Jessica, Michigan, USA
177) Merino, Michigan, USA
178) Rebecca, Michigan, USA
179) Emily, Michigan, USA
180) Mealy, Michigan, USA
181) Cathy, Michigan, USA
182) Claudia, Michigan, USA
183) Loan, Michigan, USA
184) Jackie, Michigan, USA
185) Christina, Michigan, USA
186) Amanda, Michigan, USA
187) Amanda, Michigan, USA
188) Amman, Michigan, USA
189) Charnel, Sunderland, UK
190) Rachel, Sunderland, UK
191) Thomas, Newcastle, UK
192) Brad, Newcastle, UK
193) Frances, Newcastle, UK
194) Katy, Newcastle UK
195) Kim, Newcastle, England
196) Steep, Newcastle, UK
197) Jon C, Newcastle UK
198) Ellis Owe, Newcastle UK
199) Kathryn darraign, Newcastle UK
200) Jessica, Newcastle UK
201) Zara, Newcastle UK
202) Baffle, Newcastle, UK
203) natalie,newcastle,uk
204) Amanda, Newcastle, UK
205) Gareth Nelson, Newcast le UK:
206) Jason English, Newcastle UK:
207) Joanna, Newcastle UK
208) Maria, Newcastle UK
209) Abbey, Newcastle
210) Amy, Newcastle
211> Adele, Newcastle, UK
212) Amanda, Newcastle UK
213) Fin, Newcastle, UK
214) Louise, Newcastle, UK
215) James, Newcastle, UK
216) Marci, Newcastle, UK
217) Rachel, Newcastle, UK
218) Daniel Trainer, Newcastle, UK, there truly are some people who don't deserve to live, this bastard is one of them.
219) Samantha wicks, Essex, UK - omega poor lil kittens
220) Farad Gibbons, Newcastle UK, the kittens cud b given a chance poor lil things
221) Erin Doherty, Newcastle, UK - this is sick! (i went on the website!)
222) Haley Turner, Newcastle, UK- this is disgusting sum twisted bastards who do this! :(
223) Abigail Rid, Newcastle, UK - Can't bring myself to go on the website, I'm gonna go smash all the bottles in my house so if they're stolen et.(who would want to steal bottles?), they wont stand a chance in ending up in that sick person's hands!
224) Rory, CREF UK
225) Lesley carnoustie UK
226) hazel, carnoustie, UK
227) Julia Scott Carnoustie, UK this is horrible. will this petition actually help?
228) Jade Wallace, Scotland, UK
229) Francisco Lloyd, Warwickshire, England
230) Katie Merely, Warwickshire, England
231) Arch Woodhams, Warwickshire, U. K
232) Jacqueline Makin,Worcestershire,UK
233)Freya Luan, Manchester, UK
234) Robert denying Manchester UK, if you don't agree then u should have a cold death in hell i mean that
235) Danielle Howarth, Manchester, UK
236) Sierran Cunningham Liverpool UK
237) Charlotte Smith, Lancaster, UK
238) Beck Hodkinson, Blackbird, UK
239) Sarah Smith,Blackburn,UK
240) Becki Jackson lower Darwen,UK
241) Emily Harlan, Darwin, lances, UK
242) Katy Allen, St. Annis, Lances, UK
243) Zoe Jennings, UK
245) Grant Kerrie, UK .......NOTHING TO SAY JUST DO IT (sign)
246) Siobhan Harper, UK this is disgusting and sick plaza sign this
247) Hannah Catarrhal, UK
248) Philip kid, UK
249) gioia UK
250) Emma UK
251) Steep UK has jus twisted
252) Olli Richardson UK
253) Emma Green, Stourbridge, UK i h8 cats but this is wrong
254) Amy Dickinson, Stourbridge, UK SKI N WRONG PPI SKI N WRONG
255) Sophie Watson, Wolverhampton ---> You wouldn't want it to happen To you, Would you?
256) thetas jus sad, faking counts, funk u u Chinese wankers. i h8 cats But Still -Sunny, UK
257) Sophie, Wolverhampton, UK- sick, who would do this 2 any living Creature?
258) Katie, castleford, UK, its so unfair 2 do it 2 older cats n any liven Thing never mind little poor deefenceless kittens ITS SO RONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
259) Katie sheared normanton. Thetas so titer r u mentally disabled or Summat? Or 1 of those siccus on Americas most wanted? Cats do not go in Bottles.... coca cola n tango might but not bloody CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
260) Olive, Leeds, UK- Thetas just prop gay. GET THE SPCA!!! Poor Cats Y don't every gang up and shove him in a bottle!
261) Sam, Whitby, Canada
262) Blake, Whitely, Canada
263) Andrew, Whitely, Canada
264) Stephanie, Whitely, Canada
265) Alex, Whitely, Canada
266) Nathan, Whitby, Canada
267) Brittany, Whitby, Canada
268) Steven, Whitby, Canada
269) Kristen, Whitby, Canada
270) Sarah, Whitby,Canada
271) Tyler, Whitby, Canada
272) Josh, Whitby, Canada
273) Chris, Whitby, Canada
274) Chris, Whitby, Canada
275) Kelsey, Vancouver, Canada
276) shyanne, Vancouver, Canada
277) Vanessa, Port Moody, Canada
278) Inyae Lee, Port Moody, Canada
279) Kayla, Anmore, Canada
280) Carley Vancouver,Washinton
281) Hannah Vancouver, Washington, USA
282) Geneva, Vancouver, Washington, USA
283) Shelby, Vancouver, Washington, USA
284) Sierra, Vancouver, Washington, USA
285) Lydia, Vancouver, Washington, USA
286) Abby, Vancouver, Washington, USA
287) Theresa, Vancouver, Washington, USA
288) Scott, Vancouver, Washington, USA
289) Steve, Vancouver, Washington, USA
290) Lucille, Vancouver, Washington, USA
291) Nawatha Goerzen, Fresno, CA USA
292) holly Melvyn Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
293) Jeff Ellis, Visalia ca USA
294) mend Ellis, Visalia ca, USA
295) Cory Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
296) melody Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
297) Cody Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
298) Lindsey Griffith USA
299) Marisa Shipment, Visalia, CA, USA
300) Lays Johnson, Visalia, Ca USA
301) brad breve, Visalia, ca USA
302) Ian Forsythia, Visalia, ca USA
303) Hannah Clevenger, Visalia, CA, USA
304) Lauren Hale, Visalia, California, USA (please sign it would mean a lot to everyone on this petition)!
305) Scott Hale, Visalia, Ca, USA
306) Cheryl Sweden, Visalia, Ca, USA
307) Hannah Hills, Visalia, Ca, USA
308) Chelsea Hale, Vial, Ca, USA
309) Michael Hills, Visalia, Ca, USA
310) Tyler Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
311) Jeered Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
312) Sherri Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
313) Ron Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
314) Kristen Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
315) Josh Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
316) Jade Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
317) Trash Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
318) Jeffery Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
319). ~*BeCcA RiCh*~. ViSaLiA, cA, uSa
320) Catherine Rich, Visalia, Ca, USA
321) Matt Bowman New Lebanon OH
322) Kristen Moody, New carlisle Ohio
323) Henry Piercey, Reading (kinda lol) UK. PLEASE SIGN! THIS IS SOOOO NASTY!
324) Rachel, Reading, England. OMG, PLEASE HELP THIS IS SO CRUEL!
325) Eleanor, Reading, England. Save them before more kittens are put in Bottles! ): ___; STUPID JAPANESE SHIT FACE!!1
326) Jacquelyn, Reading, England. Poor ickle kittens
327) Aparna deSousa, Reading, England. I hope that Japanese man is punished...the same thing shud happen to him to make him realize how HORRIBLE it is
328) Nithya G Subramaniam ............... please help us cause ' this man is soooo cruel toooooo those little things who have done nothing to him each name can help in putting a stop tooo this kind of acts from taking place .................
329)Urvashi Goverdhan, Bangalore, India
330) Tanisha Christo, Bangalore, India
331) meg,ipswich,england...deese people r sick, how would they llike 2 b in da bottle! :( poor kittens
332) claudia, ipswich, england
333) Abigail tall, England
334) Melissa, Ipswich, England
335) Rebecca, Ipswich, England
336) Nicola, Ipswich, England
337) Leanne, Ipswich, England
338) Maria,Ipswich,England
339) Sophie, Kesgrave, Ipswich, England
340) Sammie, Huddersfield, UK.
341) Clem' , Lancaster, Uk....
342) Jess,brum england
343) Dani, Tamworth, England , this is sick plz sign it, how could there be any 1 in this world who would wanna do that, it should be done to them see how they like it
344) Daniel, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
345)Carl, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
346) Nicky, Caloundra, QLD, Australia.
347) leona,QLd, australia
348) Grace, Qld, australia
349) Alyssa JAckson, QLD, Australia
350) Karlie, QLD, AUSTRALIA
351) Emily, QLD, Australia
352) Stephanie, QLD, Australia
353) Stephanie, QLD, Australia this is tha most horrible thing i have heard for a long time plz sign i luv kittens and i dont really wanna no dat this will keep going on
354) suzanne,qld,australia
355). melanie, qld. australia
356). Haylee,qld, australia
357) Jessica, qld, australia
358) Simmone,qld, australia
359) Bryana, QLD, Australia
360) Katie-lou, QLD, Australia
361) Blair_m94, QLD, Australia send hate mail to webmeowster@bonsaikitten.com he mus be a sick barsted
362)Michael, auckland, NZ
363) Karmel, auckland, NZ ....LETS SHOVE HIS FUCKING ASIAN ASS IN A JAR!!!!
364) Matt Harris, Auckland, NZ ,.,.,., Fucking gooks and Japenese Shit face
367) Tracey Glass, New Zealand
368) Roneel Hira, Auckland New Zealand
369) Krystal Gray, Rotorua, New Zealand
370) Vicki, Tokoroa, New Zealand
371) Raewyn, Morrinsville, New Zealand
373)Emma, Wellington, NZ
374) Jon a.k.a Jono a.k.a J Doggy Dog, Northland, NZ - People this is sick sign this and get it to 500! It is so cruel and fuck the cunts who do it.
375) Paula, Lower Hutt, NZ (This site is disturbing and sick. Lets do sumthin about it).
375) Asha, NZ
376) Sabrina, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
377) Brooke, Christchurch, New Zealand. Just for the record I didn't think this was happening in New Zealand but if it really is then we aren't such a great country. Anyone who does this or even buys these should be ashamed of themselves.
378) Holly, Christchurch, New Zealand - I also haven't seen/heard anything about this ever havine happened in New Zealand. Hopefully it isn't because it is sickening. I'm pleased to see so many people signing this petition. Hopefully it works, apparently it did last time. Might I also suggest leaving messages on the website, if this hasn't been done already, although try to stay away from overly abusive things because swearing at him and cursing him won't achieve anything, but reporting him to people who can stop him will! Also, for those of you who don't notice it further up, mail can be sent to webmeowster@bonsaikitten.com. I don't know whether this address exists or not, but it's worth a try...
379) Jennie, Missouri, USA
380) Soujanya, Hyderabad, India.---I think its a pity that such horrid things are happening, hope this will be put to an end soon.
381) Amber, Williamsburg, USA
382) Kristi, Williamsburg, USA
383) Mark, Williamsburg, USA
384) Joshua, Williamsburg, USA
385) Jessica, Chandler, USA
386) Laura, Chandler, USA
387) David, Chalder, USA
388) Amanda, Chandler, USA
389) Sarah, Chandler, USA
390) Cara Harding, USA
391) Lorraine Cornell, USA
392)Anna Jones, UK
393) helin khan, UK
394) Olivia Penny, Portsmouth England (R.I.P lil kitties <3 <3)
396)Marissa! Ontario, Canada
397)Emily Boshart Ontario, Canada
398 ) Nicole Ludington Ontario, Canada
399)Chris Schofield Newton Ontario Cananda Earth
400)Dustin Chamney Ontario Canada
401)Danielle Hockey Ontario Canada
402)Lisa Smith Ontario Canada
403)Elaine Seibert Ontario Canada
404)Courtney Stahle Ontario Canada
405)Melinda Hudgin Ontario Canada
406)-Amanda Savage*Ontario, Canada*
407)-Kayla Bunning Alberta Canada
408)- Tonya Mikinion USA*
409)-Britany Matthews Alabama,USA
410)Cheyenne Carter Alabama, USA,
411)Jess edwards Chatham Ontario Canada
412) Mabel Tu, Sydney Australia
413) Bernadette Phu, Sydney, NSW, Australia--------This is repulsive and nauseating just to think of it. Can't the bastard see that this is INHUMANE?! Are we intelligent primates or what?! Not only is it flithy having someone shove live animals into restricitve bottles, but ppl. are BUYING live animals shoved into growth restrictive bottles!!! I suppose it would be sick if the cats are killed, but at least they would be just like preserved stautettes, but they are desperately GROWING in these bottles! Com' on ppl. Only signatures to go. We gotta put a stand against this!--------
414) Tiffany D, Sydney Australia- This shit is fucking sick. Shove the fucker in a bottle. Cunt.
415) Heather, Pennsylvania, USA
416) Tara, California, USA
418) Jason,s'vale,CA,USA
419) Coke, VT, USA
420) Cole, OR, USA
421)Alexa, Oregon, USA
422) K'la, Oregon, USA thats sick ive seen that before.. .
423) Peter, Bakersfield California. that.s fucking sickening.
424)devon-hollister,ca. thats fuckening sick :( poor kittens
425)Ashley, CA, USA this is eff'n nasty wat in the hell are ppl thinking by punishing poor definless animals??? we need to stop this!!!
426) Elisha, CA, USA
427) Celia, CA, USA
428) Brian, TX, USA
429) Ashley, TX, USA
430) Jim, CA, USA
431) joel CA, USA uhm woohoo, im 431, yea, lol, dude that wrong........
432) becky, wa, usa...is this shit for real? that shit's so fucked up omg
433)eric, ca,usa... wow that is flippin crazy
434)Danielle CA, USA...What a freaking sick man!!! We all know where hes going!! Down there!
435) Cheryl, CA, USA Those pictures were so sad on the website! I have a kitty and I can't imagine someone hurting it like that!
436) Ryan, Ca, USA Bastards!!! i i could find that piece of shit i would shove his ass in a glass jar, plug up his ass with superglue, feed him through a straw, and see how that sick cock-sucker likes it, that Cunt!!!! (sorry if this was offensive)
437) Kristine, CA, USA
438) Audrey Fleming, NE, USA
439) Belina, CA, USA this is sick!! people are so freaking sick and they literally need to get a life, for God sakes!!!
440) Rami Guirguis, Honolulu, HI USA
441) Zaaruck Martinez LAS VEGAS
442) Luke Rowley NSW Australia
443) Jade Anderson... cherrybrook.sydney.nsw.australia.this news scares me.. a lot.i dont like cats.but thats gross and wrong and now i will be nice to all cats just to make up for this stupid man who is an idiot.fat idiot
444) Jordan Saunders-Uk
445) Luci Howson- UK. this is so so wrong :( i wana fucking kill the sick bastards grr!!!! so yeh plz sign x x x x
446) Rob Howson-United Kingdom
447) Min-Hwee, UK this is absolutely sick and the way they are making a joke about putting a baby inside instead of a cat! and those christmas cards...stupid fuckers...
448) adam-uk this shit is wrong mo'fos
449) jenna--this is sick!!!
450)Steve-O Frazier- what the hell?!
451) Ashley, FL, USA
452.) Monica, Fl, USA
453.) Caylee FL, USA
454) Leslie FL, USA
455) Elena FL, USA
456)kathleen FL,USA
457) Kerry FL, USA
458) Casey, Florida, USA
459) cait, new jersey,USA
460)Beanie, Wareham MA (WTF that is sooo fukin wrong on sooo many levels)
461) Tiffany, Ma
462) Lyndsey, MA
463) Justin RD Westgate, MA ( that is mean, poor lil key keys)
464) Amanda - Ma(thats sooooooo awful!!)
465)Jordan, SC,USA (Fucking Sickos)
466)Christie, AZ, USA (lets do that 2 them! see how they like it!)
467)Jessie, GA, USA (AHH KITTIES!!! SAVE THEM!!!) damn fuckheads!!
468). Allissa, MN, USA. god i hope they stop this sicko fuckface!!!
469). Lyndsey MO I hope that fucker goes to jail the asshole who does that to animals! 2 more signatures to go let that fucker burn
470). Dana NJ, US I hope that fuckin son of a fucin bitch burns in hell that fuckin fucker i wanna stuff him ihnn a mutha fuckin glass bottle and suffocate him and fuckin kill him...FUCKIN WHORE
471).Alicia die asshole!!
472) Critter, OH, USA.... WHY??...what did the kittens do to you?
473) Courtney, NH, USA. i have two cats. and i could never imagine how horrible that is.
474) Kelly~ LA, USA
478)Kendu~Escondido, Ca, USA. that is sick the person who does that is sick.
479) Luke Hudgins Escondio, CA, USA it think OMG says it all.... im sick to my stomach now...
480)Alex Jones Esco CA USA, you insensitive bastard ima fucking kill you
481.) Kayla, NJ.. USA.. Thats so gay of him.
482)Anna..Lodnon, England/UK no, they cant do that to cats!
483) Corey..NJ,usa wow im not sure whats more fucked up. the people who sell or the people who buy.
484) Leslie ~ NJ, USA.... that was just too much for me! that man is one sick bastard!
485) Zach - MA, USA
486) ashley martin - Pennsylvania.
487)Krystal DeRosa, Pennsylvania,USA (being vegitarian..this is bvery very sad.
488:) Eils Johnston- Nova Scotia {that is so fricken disturbing, even for me}
489) Lee-THATS SO SICK! im a vegiterian! :(
490) Courtney - OR, USA, thats gross.
491)Chloe- CA,USA.....thats sooo wrong!!!!
492) Amanda-CA, USA
493] Amanda- Ontario, CA [[that is SO sick and SO wrong.]]
494) frankie nagut, USA (thats terrible)
495) Jonathan Ordonez, Los Angeles, CA (tell me the address of this bastard and I'll kill him...)
496)stephanie-north hills, ca
497) Diandra- Baltimore, MD ( I remember that site; it was just so sad to look at)
498.)Caitlin---> Rio Rancho, NM (that dudes a sick fucker((sorry for the language but i think its necisary))
499) Avital, Ca., USA
500) Hilla, ca, u.s.a.
502) eMmA- LA, california-omg that is truly disgusting...that man should be killed.
503) Asher- l.a., dude should be brutally raped by a gorilla
504) Carmen, LA, This monster should be violently patty slapped.
505) Madison, LA EWWWWWW
506) Alex- Irvine,Cali--what a biz-natch...
507) Crispy--> LA-->BI***
508)daniel---> god damn them
509) Franco--> El Segundo CA thats fuckin disgusting
510)amanda-gundo ca
511- Leslie from Gardenaaaaa (save the pussy.)
512) Brittany - Hawthorne, CA...thats fucking disgusting. what did cats ever do to anyone? =[ poor kitties
514)monique-san fernando,ca.what the fuck???stop this bullshit!poor kitties!
515) Stephanie -san fernando CA -That's just wrong!!!!!!!!
517)james-sylmar ca-thats just wrong
518) Lydia- san dimas ca its wrong i love cats
519) April-La Verne, CA. Cat's are effin' COOL!
520) Leandra- La Verne ca. WTF?! i love love love cats. yea! damn society.
521) Ian - La Verne, CA. wow those people are dumb. and i dont see who wants to buy one of those
522)Rebecca Heap, LaVerne CA.-OMAN. i love kitties...i sent them hate mail..
523)angel-tulare CA.
524)Brian - Visalia CA. hate mail anyone?
525)Latasia-Visalia CA. I say we grab an angry mob and kill those people. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
526) Jimbo(Christian Fuentes)-San Jose, CA
528)Matt-San Jose, CA
529)Carlos-San joe, CA
530)Dix- San jose, CA, USA
532.)melissa- san jose-----why do ppl have to suck!?!
533.) thuy-san jose-------WTH?! A-HolEs
534.)NiCKy-SAN JOSE ------ WTF? U PPLZ ARE S2PiD
535.) JaiJai-san jo = wtf hella gay!!
536.)brandon-san jose----- now i'm pist
537.)chri$tiandy-san408jose--------hella sad
538.) natalie --> San Jose, CA, dat's soo sad. stupid poepo's.__
539)torri------>>>>>> USA...ESSJ.......
540) analisa san jose wow these people r freaks
541) YES ALMOST THERE! (to 600) Kim-vegas,nv,usa...damn he should go to jail or at least go to a help center jus for that he soo must be stopped that is horrible.
542) Shannon damn that is so evil
543)Samantha...this is so sad. please sign
544)jeremy How messed up towards the kittens.
545)Teri how terribly sad that humans can treat animals this way
546)Veronica...This is horrible!
547) Rachel
550)phillip... thats disgusting
551)corin scott zinninger...las vegas, NV USA...fucking disgusting
HERE's the address for the bonsaikittywebmaster of this sick as he/she says "hobby".. webmeowster@bonsaikitten.com PLEASE PLEASE write him and tell him what you think about what who's doing to poor innocent living creatures!! Thankyou!
552) kathryn
554)Dan Hirschfeld colorado, highlands ranch
555)Melissa [{thats awful!!!}]
556) Amy
557) TJ highlands ranch Colorado
558) Chloe Agoura Hills, California
559)cory Ferren, malibooo
600) Ethan Jacob, California
601)Morgan Siggard,CA,USA
602) Michelle Wendt, CA, USA ...sickening
603) ally...thats soooo sad
602) Jordan..holy shit these people are CRAZY!!!
605) Jazmin W,USA
606) Kym C, CA USA
607) Stephen R. , T.O. CA these people are sick
608) Ben L., T.O. CA- what a bunch of fuckers!!
609) Ryne Fujisaki, T.O. CA~ damn pot heads!!!!!!!!!
610) Ericka Orona, Thousand Oaks CA - how can somebody live with themselves by doing that?..fuckers
611)Summer CA
612) Rachel Donley, CA
613)Chloe Michaels CA
614) Sydney CA
615)schuyler CA-if i ever see the guy who did this i swear im gonna fuckin slit his throat!
616)chelsee CA
617)Tyler CA
618) Brittany--California, USA
619) Shevonne--California, USA
620)elaine--usa fuck him
621.)chloe : CA
622.)jessica :CA
623.)heather, CA
624.)kAnDi, CA
625.) Alexa, california
626.) matthew mercer CA
627.) dallas spellman, CA
628.)Alicia weber, CA
629.) Tabitha Brogan, CA Thats SO fucked up
630. Jackie Hernandez, CA. I agree with tabitha
631.)dylan pendleton,CA
632) Mke Jasper, Camarillo Ca
633) Jennykrassner, Camarillo, CA
634) Alissa Bautista , Camarillo, CA
635) Andrea Hanson, Camarillo, Ca
636) Melissa Wilson, Camarillo, CA
637) Leslie Oney, Las Vegas, NV
638) Courtney LeBlanc, Gilbert AZ
639) Francisco Gonzalez, BAKO,CA -mad scientist bastard
640) Elena Alvarez- Bakersfield, California
641) Meladi Moret- Bakersfield,CA. I love cats so much
642) Summer Hamilton-Bakersfield,CA. People who do this are freakin sick and should be stuffed into a jar and have tubes coming out of every hole in their body!
643) Susan Hofmann, Eschau, Germany
644) Sean J, Milton Keynes, UK
645) Nicole, Essex, UK - sick people!!!! =( grrrrrrrr. nuffin shld b treated like that
646) Sam I, Essex, UK - omfg....dats completeli out of orda!! it make me feel sick!!
647) Samantha Streeter-utica, michigan
648) Eric Arsenault- Utica, Mi
649) Eric Zuckero - michigan, usa
650) Matt Cason- Warren, MI
651) Mike Cason - Warren Mi
652) Ray Bearse - Warren, MI...I don't like cats but this is just sick!!
653) Jaimie Lynn - charleston wv
654) Ron Morton-Charleston,WV
655)Mike Simpson-Tampa, FL
656) Kate M.- Levittown, PA
657) Kenneth Hamann - Jericho, NY - If I ever meet this guy, I'm gonna cut his balls of, so he cant contaminate the rest of the world.
658) Renee - Long Island, NY
659) Aimee - Paramus NJ
660) Hedi (Heddy) Fazai- Costa Mesa, Cali
661) Mayan V. -- Concord, CA
662) Brika R. AV
663) Julee H. OR
664) Kennedy T. Portland, OR (that shit is crazy)
664) Jacob Harvill, Longview, WA
665) Chris Satterfield , longview WA
666) Racheal Dixon-Longview, WA
667) Essy Fennel-Vancouver, WA (all I have to say is Karma is a bitch! He will get what he deserves!)
668) Rebecca Smith-Washougal, WA
669) Elisha Fennel-Longview, WA
670) Sasha Hennessey- Longview, WA
671) Sam McGhee-WA
672) Faisal Abdullahi-Kelso,WA
673) Patrick Spilsbury Burlington, Washington
674) Ethan REmington Sedro-Woolley, WA
675) GLENN Debary, Florida, USA
676) Kaci DeBary , Florida, USA
677) Meagan Apopka, Florida, USA..this is why i hate fuckin chingys ppl.. plus other reasons.. but this is why!!!!
678) Carina Mayer
679) Brittany Johnson Altamonte springs fl. this is sick
680) Jessica H. Orlando, Florida ~ absolutleyyyy sickkkk.
681) arielle w. maitland, florida- i can believe someone would do this!! :(:(:(
682) Charlie- winter park, florida
683) bella- sanford, FLORIDA..this is terrible!!!
684) natalie- cape canaveral florida
685)Brittane-Florida, US
685)Melissa-Florida, US
686) JENNA- Florida, US
687) Hannah - Florida, US
678) Jenny - Florida, US
679) Lauren - Florida, US
680) Lance - Florida, US
681) Alexandra - Florida, US
682)jonathan - Florida, US
683)Kylee - Texas, US
684)Pookie-Texas, US
685) Danielle-Texas, US
686) danielle f- texas , us [i love kitten&cats, this guy & people that help shood fucking killed]
687) deborah k-texas, us (oh. my. i have never even heard of anything as sick, heartless and messed up as this. we must stop this) oh, and by the way, why don't we stick his ass in a jar, and see how it feels...shall we?
688) Shane : Houston, Texas, I thought they shut this sick shit down already.
689)austin z: the woodlands, texas
690)carrie r - the woodlands, texas
691) elisabeth w. - the woodlands texas
692) jade v- tha woodlands OMGSHH those pics r HORRIBLE
693)Juliana L-montgomery tx
694) Rachel J. woodlands- wut a flipin asshole!!
695. Alexa M. -Kingwood, Tx--- wtf these people have issues!!!
696). Corey Sheffield-Kingwood, Tx--- I hate people!
697.) Kathryn Y. - Kingwood, Tx
698.) nicole w.- kingwood, tx- where do ppl come up with theese crazy ideas? cats in bottles/ thats ...just sick!
699)amanda g.-kindwood, tx, USA....holy shit, those fucking bastards
7010Jake -kingwood
702)Jessica S- Kingwood tx- what the FUCKKKKK
703) Cory M - kingwood...wtf is that???
704) Scott B - Kingwood TX - sick bastards
705)) Alana I- Lafayette, LA - thats sick..poor cats
706) michelle-wimberley TX~people are so stupid!!
707) rylee-wimberley TX - thats sooo horrible
708)Leah-wimberley TX-That is really mean
709) Raquel Moseley- Wimberley Texas......i am so appalled.
710)Ryan s.-arlington tx-
711)Andrew B. Texas-USA
712) kryStaL* ~ Brownsville, Tx.
713)PORKY ~ Brownsville, TX
714) Katie, brownsville tx
715.) Alex. beeville tejas....i've got 2 thigns to say, 1 .i don't know how this helps, and 2. ..258 can't spell to save her life
716) joey Brownsville TX 1. Wow....wow who the hek comes up with this stuff an who are the self indulgaent jerks who buy em. 2. I agree with Alex 258 cant spell
719)Oscar - Brownsville Tx
720)Meghann- Brownsville, Tx.
721)Amber~Dillsburg,PA...what the fuck is the matter with that guy?...how would he like it if we stuffed him in a little bottle and jus left him there and all...dude this motherfucker is sick and needs help...and i hope that whoever reads this helps save the kittens...this is animal cruelty and i will not stand for it!
722)Christina~Westminster, MD..wtf is up with this stupid mother fucker?!?!?!?!?!
733)David C.~Elizabeth,NJ...I would stab that nigga 4 real he got no remorse
734)Charine R.~ Irvington, NJ.....Thatz jus real sick...
735)Ronny A Hidalgo Inwood nj
736) Rebeca Jacobs
737) Jessica Jacobs- Ny
738) Matt Biron- ny
739) Jess Guastella - NY
740)James Stanfield- NEWw yorKk.. dam this guy is off his rocker i feel like slappin this motherfucker)
741)Jason Farrell- NY. Although I don't agree with this practice, the description above is wrong. The cats are meant to leave the vessle after the required period of confienment. They are not kept in the vessle their entire lives. Still it is animal cruelty and should be stopped. As a cat owner I find this practice inhumane and pretentious. Just because you CAN to this to these animals, does not mean that you SHOULD.
742)Katie Quigley- Ny ... i signed this last year and have checked up on it a few times since. its ridiculous these guys havent been shut down already. its not funny, and its not "perfect for children" stupid fucks.
743)Foamy---> thats some bullshit man if only i can see that person i would just fucking take a knife cut his throat >_< take some hooks and hang him from his ass with them >_<
744)Dessire Gonzalez XP - PR
745)Amber Garcia-TX
746)Nadja Slay - Cedar Hill, Tx
747)johnny swinney-mansfield ,tx this is fucking wrong
748) Mandy Beam- East Bend, NC
749) Melissa.M - Long Island, NY
750)Andrew T. C. Setauket NY
751)Deborah KL.W.-Rockport,MA
752) christine o- beverly, MA
754) Beverly Mitchell
755) Michelle Jackson
756)Remy S.
757)Kaila B.
758.) Jessica N.
759) Michelle Mendoza- Napa, CA
760) Zach Wagner- Monrovia, California( this is sick and cruel and somebody better be punished for it)
761.) Donny Tubbs - Monrovia, Cali (fucking messed up bitches, omg poor kitty's! somebody better punish these motherfuckers!)
762)ashley hollett-canyon country,cali
763)Bridget Valenzuela-canyon country,cali
764)Shawn Quiroga- canyon country, CA
765)Anna G.- the bubble georgia
766)Marc C.-colorado springs, CO
767)Catie S........ colorado springs, CO
768) Alyssa **Colorado Springs, Co
769) Samantha M.~ C Springs
770.. Kaitlym Slater--Widefield, Co USA
771.) Sierra Jones-- Wdiefeild, Co USA
772.Jasmine Abeyta~colorado springs, co, usa
774.)Amy __> Colorado
774.)Janna*~*Colorado Springs,Co
776) Phoenix ~ florida-USA
777)Brandon - FL, USA
778)Josh - FL, USA
779) Natasha- Orange County, California USA
780) Brianna Barber (ca) REDICULAS!!!!! get this man arrested!
781)STEVEN -CA-fuck u u fag fuckin die.thats fucked up shit!!!
782) amanda CA- this is the 3rd time i did this just close the god damn site god....
783) kristina conway- california USA
785) nick medrano- any one who kills kittens goes to hell i hope he dies a horible death the bastard!
786) Adriana Rodriguez- Los Alamitos, USA
787) Melissa Straus- CA USA
788) Ben Goldfarb- CA USA
789) Lauren Boxell -IN USA
790) Abigail - IN, USA
791) Liz - IN, USA
792)nadia- IN,usa
793)Jessi Indiana USA
794)Morgan Indiana USA
795)Victoria, Indiana, USA
796)Bridgette, USA
797)Rachel, USA
798)Corey Lindley, Indiana, USA
799) Cory Smith aka Kidd aka The Tape Man
800)Allie Shobe, IN USA
801) Victor Grad, naptown, USA
802) Angelica-Alaska, USA
803.) amaylene -ak,usa
804) Eric Fanene AK, USA that shit is fucking cruel!!!!
805) Romaine Muai Ak, USA
806) Geronimo Talo Ak, USA
807) Juliana T WA, USA>> that is one sick fucker, he/she ought to burn in hell!!!!!
808) Kiley Sumner WA, USA
809) Adam Johnson....Sumner, WA / Tempe, AZ, USA
810)Bryan Schott- Bonney Lake, WA, USA
811) Gavin Peck- Bonney Lake, WA, USA
812) Devin Doyle- Bonney Lake,WA. USA
813) Jon Roof - Bonney Lake,WA. USA
814) Leisha Blimka - Clarkston, WA, USA>>>granted, i've gotten this like, 15 times, i'll still sign it to shut this company down. thats sick
815) Bradyn - Oregon, USA
816) Ian -Missouri, USA
817)Andrew Cashion - Missouri, USA
818)John Pate - Virginia, USA
819)Noriko Suzuki -Tokyo Japan
820) Stephano Chong - Guam , USA
821)the last thing ppl need is to ruin the purity of another life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiyoko Takahashi ~*cry*~ .......help them......~*cry*~
822) ~*HAILEY~* london............ this is totally sick i hate this guy for what he is doing!!!!
823) *Fiona*
824) harry potter oxford
825) mimi-why would they do that them sick basterds!!
826) Cho-ster?----- hes one sick ass bastrd!!!
827) Moseby--- this dick head sould get shut dowwwn!
828) London---so0o0o sadd
829)Sharpay Evans---Please Help
830)Lolee Camacho---wtf is wrong wit this basturd
831)Shelley---Lousiana--this is wrong
832)Layla Camacho-OMG, that is so wrong, we so need to help this!
833)Ashley- omg
834)TAYLOR- are u serious we need a stop to this
835)Jessy thats the sickest thing ive ever heard
836)Emily maryland united states
837) Matt; Maryland- ive signed it once and ill do it again, this is fucking horrible and this guys is a fucking doushebag
838) Stephanie: and DAAAMN i thought this shit was over with!
839)Candice, Virginia:NOOOOOO NOT THE KITTENS!!! I HATE HIM!
840)Youdy, Virginia now this is some cruel shit!
841) Amber, Va Beach, VA, USA This so sad
842) jessica albuquerque, nm this is some messed up shit
843)Candace Albq,nm this is fucked up
844)james albuquerque New Mexico
845) Kendra, Albuquerque, New Mexico
846) Tiffany, Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm gonna kill those bastards
847) Jordi, Albuquerque, New Mexico. These sick fucks
848) Jorduhn, Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'll through a brick at thier heads...
849) Katy, Albuquerque, New Mexico. How rude
850) Rachello nm
856) SHELBY, ALB NM -------------SO HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
857) Elle, Oahu, HAwaii!!!
858) rob, hawaii
859)jade, hawaii ooo mi fungin GOD ITS SOO SICK!!
861) T.J.- Colorado----->this fucker is disgusting.....
862)BiSSiE---Illinois--i wana poke his eyes out with sporks
863)Melanie--- Lafayette IN... OMG this guy should die!
865) Courtney - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. THIS IS so nasty...
866)Farris - Okc, OKlahoma.. WTF thats just sad wrong and horrible
867)Courtney B.- OKC, OK. Sad.
868)Caroline- OKC, OK. (My loser friend sitting beside me.)
869)CHRISCO C! - MWC, OK..
867)Taylor Maree- Choctaw, OK...
868) Nathan Davis-MWC, OK
869) Kyle--MWC,OK.
870) Sheree - OKC, OK
871) Vince - Lawrence, Kansas
872) Bethany-NJ.....What heartless bastards...Who the hell would do that???!!!
873)TommyT- Cali
874?Hope Ph. Cali- u fucking loser! poor cats have more heart and soul than u do!!!
875) carly R Cali- only 25 more names to shut down this sick SICK site
876)sam Cali-thats just wrong...
877) Chelsea- California- how sad!
878) Joy-Virginia- those sick bastards....
879) Becca-Virginia--- this is sick i really this helps shut them down
880)Vanessa-Virginia---that is just wrong and sad i dont even want to look at the site! =[ SHUT THEM DOWN~
881) Elizabeth~ That site is so wrong! I wanna cry from just looking at it!
882) Quejan :: V-uh Beachh :: sooooooooo sickk & mean !!
883---Ashleigh--i hope to god that this guy does not keep hurting and doing this to kittens! that sight was nasty and wrong! i hope that he pays and go's to hell for animal abuse like that!
884--Justin-- this is a sick mo fo
885--Sarah-CO--phsyco fucks!
886- James-Sick shit
887 - Ian colorado -i'll kill these fuckers man
888- Elizabeth colorado- This is so fucking sick!
889--Tasha, Colorado-whoever this japanese guy is, he should have a samurai sword jammed right up his sphincter. What a prick.
890--Carlos, Colorado. -Eeeeeeeeeew. Poor Kitty.
891~Josh,colorado - thats just sick and wrong!
892~Raelyn, Arizona-that's sooo sad...:'(
893~charlie, Arizona-those fuckers need to be put down
894~ashley,arizona-what the fuck who could do that
895~Harrison, Mesa, Arizona. (Fuck those guys. They should be shoved into a tube and force-fed through a straw)
891~Derek Harper!!! MISSISSIPPI!!! Nasty freaks!
892courntey MS this is sad
893~Michael, Mississippi
894. Molly, Mississippi
895. cami [save the kittens] culver <3
896.nick,os ms o damn
897Devon Mitchell, OS MS, this needs to stop
898. Elizabeth Coghlan - this is sick but were almost there. 2 more people. --this dose need to stop ic ant belive you sick fuckin humans!! ----Mississippi!
899. Sandy Loll Baltiomre, Md
900. Shauny Smith, Long Beach, MS. Poor sweet babies. =(
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I don't know about this anymore.
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Pictures, wheeee.Collapse )
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Merry Christmas everyone, hopefully you all had a very good one.

This year, I got pretty spoiled....*giggles*

-Corpse Bride Emily watch
-Depeche Mode CD
-Misfits Purse
-Corpse Bride perfume(is to die for)
-Crow hoodie
-MAC perfume
-MAC eyeshadows
-MAC makeup brushes
-Nightmare Before Christmas comforter
-Crow pillowcase
-New digi cam, which kicks fucking ass.
-AND...a fucking laptop, how you like that shit? Lol.

So, needless to say..I had a really good Christmas, and..my uncle gave me 100 dollars, i'm sure i'll be getting some more money from my Papaw, and..paycheck is tomorrow, lol. How nice?

Anyhow, i'm sure i'll be updating very soon with pictures...and of course, some of my ratties and Anthony's chinchilla. :-D
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[ mood | drained ]

I gave him one last chance, and for what?....This?? That cannot be so, there MUST be something more.

Why do I have to be so stupid...

Er...Merry Christmas by the way.

Named my new rat Logan.


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